RE: 2 (simple?) questions

> > I have 2 questions. Perhaps someone knows solutions?
> > 1. Is it possible to freeze display (and do something only
> in memory) and
> > unfreeze after program do what I want? I want to freeze
> main_window and in
> > this time I wanna show/hide widgets and add elements for
> lists etc. It
> > takes
> > much more time (and looks not nice) when everytking is visible.
> > 2. How can I change active widget? Tab key only can change coursor
> > position
> > to the next widget. I want to change active widget from
> source level. (It
> > depends what user of program will do). I know that it is
> not possible for
> > some widgets (ie.labels, etc).
> For both of these questions you sould look in
> "gtk+-2.0/gtk/gtkwidget.h" in
> your include directory. There you should find answers. If you are not
> familiar with these files you can also take a look in the
> gtk+-2.0-reference manual
> at <>.
I use gtk-1.2. I tried to find, but niether gtk_widget_grab_focus or
gtk_widget_activate doesnt work for me :(
And for 1st question i have no Idea :_(

Could someone help?

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