Re: Crashing g_string_sprintf when printing invalid floats. gtk+-1.2.9 on Linux

On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Eric M. Monsler wrote:

> I'm jumping lists with this; my apologies, but it's definitely a gtk bug
> and so want to followup to gtk-list.
> If I try to print a denormalized float with a specific format string,
> e.g. "%6.2f\n", using g_string_sprintf(), the program crashes with an
> error about allocating a negative number of bytes...

>    union {
>      int   i_val;
>      float f_val;
>    } the_data;
>    the_data.i_val = 1;
>    pGStr = g_string_new("");
>    g_string_sprintf(pGStr,"%6.2f\n",the_data.f_val);

Isn't that undefined behavior, trying to access the wrong member of a
union?  Here (gtk 2.0.6) it prints "0.00", but I don't see that it's
obliged to.

Allin Cottrell.

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