Re: How do I remove a widget from a table?

On Tue, 2002-08-13 at 01:22, John Cupitt ng-london org uk wrote:
> Egon Andersen, Talura wrote:
> > I would like to remove one or more widgets from a table.
> > The widget has been attached earlier by gtk_table_attach().
> > When I try to destroy the widget I get a segmentation fault (which I to
> > some degree can understand), but how do I remove the widget the 'right
> > way' ?
> You should be able to remove the widget just by destroying it. I think 
> there must have been some other problem in your code :-(
> J

Since a GtkTable is also a type of GtkContainer can you not do a
gtk_container_remove. If that is the only reference to the widget it
should be destroyed then.


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