Re: g_convert on TRU64


Bernd Demian <bdemian csc-dd de> writes:

> I have porting an application from linux to TRU64 alpha.
> When I write a little test programm whith glib all works fine, the
> programm convert latin with german letters to utf and back.
> And now, when I link the same programm with pthreads - g_convert fails?
> I don't no why. I use glib 2.0.6 and TRU 64 4.0f. 
> Have anybody an idea. In the test programm is no reference to threads.
> Only link with -lpthread and g_convert does not work.

sounds like the classic errno problem. Make sure that all libraries
involved as well as the application are compiled with the correct
compiler flags for reentrancy.

Salut, Sven

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