Re: "drawingarea->window" question.... what is it set to?

>If one really wanted to set this GdkWindow for some drawingarea
>I found a way to do it!!!
>See this little known gem.... gtk_widget_realize().
>(e.g. gtk_widget_realize(myDrawingArea); )
>When I ran this function it gave me a warning
>about the "parent" not being set.
>Do you know what the "parent" of a widget is set to?
>If I can set the parent myself and call gtk_widget_realize
>then I think I may accomplish my madness.

no, you will remain mad :)

the parent is set when you add the widget (in this case a drawing
area) to a container. i'm suprised that realize() requires it to be
set, but then i'm suprised all the time.


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