Re: GLIB Hash Data

> They need to be:
>     guint     HashFunction (gconstpointer key);
>     gboolean  HashCompare  (gconstpointer a, gconstpointer b);

I was following the example in the book.  I see, but isn't gboolean
#DEFINED as an int?  There is no BOOL in C.

> The reference material online is fairly complete, but it is not
> especially verbose. People such as myself actually *prefer* this, 


Once your more experienced with the dialect, short and sweet IS the way.
Unfortunately, I'm cutting my teeth and resurrecting my C skills at the
same time.  I'm groping a little.  I always hated the "I'm a Newbie with
Perl and I don't know what to do - posts".  Now I'm victemizing you with
them :)

Thanks for the patients.

> for UNIX for at least the last decade.
> If you are using UNIX, type "man strdup", and you should find it. It
> fits in with strcpy(), strcmp(), etc., which un-coincidentally, is
> exactly where GLIB has placed it.


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