Re: Info needed capturing events

>        How do i handle the events( mouse move,mouse clicked ) occurring in
>a window title bar.

you can't. the title bar isn't part of the window. its a decoration
added by the window manager and is under its control, not yours.

		    Actually i need to capture the mouse event when the
>window is moved around by dragging the window title bar.Is there anyway to
>capture these events?.

why do you want to do this? this is not part of the model of how X
Window works. when you use the WM to carry out operations like window
dragging, the client that owns the window doesn't get told about it
until the WM feels ready to (e.g. at the end of the drag). what a
particular WM does is up to the WM, so there may be some variation here.

>        Also i want to know whether there is anyway my program gets notified
>when all  the widgets gets realized i.e. when the application is maximized,

your application will be sent a "realize" event for every widget that
gets shown, but there is no individual event that corresponds 1:1 with
maximization. it would be best, i think, to use the "configure_event",
which will be sent any time a GtkWindow is resized. note that this is
sent only to GtkWindow widgets. you can also use the "map" event,
which corresponds to the point at which a widget with an underlying
GDK Window is blitted to the display.

>i need a notification when all the window components gets repainted.Any

your application will be sent an "expose_event" for every widget that
needs redrawing, every time it needs redrawing.


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