Re: GtkNotebook problems in Galeon (slow tab switching, etc.)

>Quite often, after a number of pages have been added and removed from the
>notebook, tab-related options like creating new tabs and switching between
>pages become very slow.  The really weird thing is that the content of the
>notebook always switches immediately to the correct GtkMozEmbed when
>clicking on a new tab; it's the just the redraw of the tabs themselves that
>takes a long time.  Sometimes, the redraw doesn't even finish correctly,
>and several tabs are left in partially-drawn states.  If I create a new
>window at this point, with its own new notebook, the tab switching will be
>normal in it.  The delay in the switching also seems to sometimes go away
>after using the notebook for a while longer.  I haven't found any way to
>reliable reproduce the delays yet, unfortunately.

its not really quite the same thing, but i've recently been trying to
figure out a somewhat similar problem. i have a set of regular buttons
packed into an hbox, then into a vbox with an entry widget, and then
positioned in a fixed. the initial display of the buttons is "missing"
the bottom part of the buttons' own frames. as soon as i mouse over
any of the buttons, it will "fill" itself in. there is no overlap in
the packing, and i am totally stumped how any widget could fail to
fully draw itself. it always seemed to me like an all-or-nothing

maybe totally unrelated, but i thought i'd just mention it in case it
spurs any ideas.


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