Re: gtk_widget_shape_combine_mask ()???

Ok, I understand that it is impossible to shape the vbox, so I need to have 5 successives items (like the weelbarrow) to lunch different applications after a click in any pixmap??
is it interet to call 5 time the fuction that put the weelbarrow, in this case i will need 5 popup windows !!!
Thnka for your help
have a good day

> >In fact, I'm trying to put a second pixmap with the wheelbarrow, I add a vbox,
> > the problem is that the function dont accept a vbox in its parameters.
> >Any idea???
> say what? why are you trying to do that? the object of
> shape_combine_mask() is a GdkWindow. the arguments are pixmaps and
> bitmaps. you can't shape vboxes, you can only shape GdkWindows.

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