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You have to set your window _Modal_ to block access of other window. But to stop the execution of the code, I don't know if there is a Gtk implementation of it. I'm doing this solution. I have a boolean that is initialized to TRUE when I'm showing the modal window and then I have the folowing code :
 while ((gtk_events_pending()) || (bDlgInfoState_X == TRUE))
This loop process the gtk-event, so the modal window respond to user interaction. And as soon as the modal window is hidden, bDlgInfoState_X is set to False, so I'm exiting this loop.
Hope this help :-)
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Subject: Gtk Window

how to create a window that i can't access other window , if i don't close the window , and when the code of gtk_widget_show(window) is execute , next code not continue execute if the window don't close (not destroy , hide the window)

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