Re: A FAQ? What do I need to build GTK+ these days?

    From: Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com>
    Date: 19 May 2001 19:02:43 -0400
    There are good reasons for all the dependencies; if you have a
    suggestion for how to get the same functionality without them, by all
    means make that suggestion. "Don't support disabled users" or "don't
    support internationalization" are not acceptable suggestions though,
    I'll tell you in advance. ;-)

I wouldn't phrase it quite that way, but perhaps, ``Don't force
support for disabled users and/or internationalization on those that
don't need it.''  This is the approach that XEmacs development takes
on things ranging in importance from internationalization down to
native support for X-Face images in e-mail.  For almost every option
that requires an additional package to be linked in, there's a
./configure option that disables it.

This doesn't necessarily mean that functions disappear completely, but
they may behave differently.  The advantage of this approach is that
people who really want/need to keep things lean and mean are able to
do so, while those who want/need all possible features are also able
to do so.


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