Re: Re: selection signal on ctree

Paul Davis <pbd Op Net> schrieb am 21.05.01:
> >Is there any way to get an GdkEventButton on a tree_select_row event?
> >I need one to popup a context menu when user presses the rigth mouse button
> >on a GtkCTree item. I cannot connect to a GtkCList-select_row event, because
> >then I cannot use gtk_ctree_select. Is there anything I can do to get an
> >GdkEventButton when using only CTree-signals?
> you don't actually need the button event for the menu.
> gtk_menu_popup(menu, ..., 0, 0) will generally work. however, be careful
> with the button argument. if the user used button 2 to select the row,
> and you pass button 0 as the button to the menu, things get a little
> wierd.

Thanks for your reply.
In the  case of my application I need the button which caused the selection.
When the user presses the left mouse button, only the item should be selected. When he presses the right  mouse button,  I have to display a popup. So I must know which button was pressed.
Someone knows how to do this?


Rolf Schaeuble
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