Re: Gdk-WARNING **: shmget failed!

Yes, it is 1.2.9. What could I have done to generate this kind of warning?
Is there a way to turn that warning off? My program still works perfectly
no matter how many times the warning appears.


Matthew P. Hillebrand

On 28 Mar 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Matt Hillebrand <hill9361 uidaho edu> writes:
> > I run into this warning during execution sometimes. I never know when it
> > is going to show up. Sometimes I see it immediately after execution,
> > sometimes mid-session, and sometimes never!
> >
> > I think I started seeing it after I added icons to my windows.
> Is this with 1.2.9? 1.2.9 should be much better at this than earlier
> versions which created so many shared segments that it was easy to
> exceed the total limit for the system.
>                                         Owen
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