Re: very basic question about glib

On 25 Jun 2001 21:07:56 -0700, Paul Singleton wrote:

> that was easy enough.  But when I went to do the same for gtk, it said it
> couldn't find a new enough version of glib!!! Well that made me upset, cause
> I don't know my way around linux, and the instructions didn't work.
> [by the way I've gotten past all this by using rpms but I'm none the wiser]
> My question: how do i remove COMPLETELY an old version of glib (or anything
> else for that matter) so that I know I don't have two or more versions of a
> library on my system.  For instance, I found that I could use
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/ and glib would be installed over the top of the
> old version in /usr/lib instead of usr/local/lib.  When I tried that, it
> still didn't seem to work.  That lead me to my question.

You should remove the old rpm packages for gtk+ and glib before you build the 
new ones. The rpms that Caldera packages might put things in different places 
than a 'make install' after configuring for '--prefix=/usr', most likely the 
glib-config and gtk-config scripts.


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