Re: version of libtool?

Skip Montanaro <skip pobox com> writes:

>     Owen> Everything requires libtool 1.4 now. I'm not sure why you don't
>     Owen> see this as being the case.
> glib's configure didn't seem to complain.  No matter.  I zapped the libtool
> rpm and installed libtool 1.4.

If you are installing from CVS, you should always run every
time you update. has the checks and complaints.
If you are installing from tarballs, the version of libtool you have
installed shouldn't matter.

> FYI, it appears "make distclean" doesn't delete the various libtool-related
> symlinks the build process puts in the build directory or the various
> generated files.  Is there some more brutal make target I should
> be using to get back to ground zero build-wise?

'make maintainer-clear', though most of the time, the GTK+ developers
would just blow away their checked out copy and get a fresh one from
CVS if things got that screwed up. So it's not really tested, and
problems may be revealed if you run it.


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