Re: Automatic focus handling? How do I turn it off?

Ken Simpson wrote:

Widgets are sent key presses before GTK+ checks for focus keys. If the
widget handles the key press in its event handler and returns TRUE,
then GTK+ will not check for tab/arrows.

For instance, this is how GtkText prevents a tab key from tabbing out
of the GtkText widget.

Hrm.. I guess the problem with Mozilla is that I need the keypress event
to live on for a little while so that Mozilla can grab it. I can't just
kill all the navigation keys -- Mozilla needs them so that it can farm
them out to its command system.

i.e., the order of operations should be:

1. Mozilla grabs ALL gdk events and processes them in its own handler
   (i.e. gdk_event_handler_set (handle_gdk_event, NULL, NULL);)

2. Events are then farmed out to the widget from which they
   originated (an nsWindow pointer is stored in the user data of the
   event's any.window object).

3. The widget's key_press handler returns 0 for any keypress which is not
   something simple, like [A-Za-z0-9_-+] etc..

4. (hopefully) The key_press event travels up the window hierarchy to the
   main Mozilla window, where it is ground through the Mozilla keybinding
   system and produces some result. The event then should _die_.

The problem is that, between stages 3 and 4, gtk intercepts the key press
and changes the focus. Yuck. I don't think the fix here is going to be


What is it that intercepts the key presses? Is it the gtkwindow class that is being used by the mozbox? Or is it being farmed all the way up to the toplevel? We might need to override the keypress handler for the mozbox class so that the default gtkwindow handler doesn't change focus on you like it sounds like is happening.


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