Re: save as dialog...

>>>>> "John" == John Cupitt <john cupitt ng-london org uk> writes:

    John> Lokesh Setia wrote:
    >> o When the file selection widget is used in the context of
    >> "Save as", the filename goes off as soon as the directory is
    >> changed.  Is it a bug in gtk+ 1.2?  Or a feature that can be
    >> changed?

    John> It's a feature that can't be changed :-) Lots of people have
    John> done new fileselectors, and this is one of the features they
    John> almost always put in. Try:

Thanks John for the link,

It works with all my existing gtk+ applications with LD_PRELOAD
(though I needed it most only for my new galeon :)).


When we get back, I'll drop a line -- The Doors.

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