Re: Focussed vs. prelighted widgets

>Part of the breakage is that you have a set of mutually exclusive
>options, but all interesting features of a widget are not mutually
>exclusive. Say for example you wanted to add a FOCUSED state; but
>widgets can be active/normal/prelighted/selected and _also_ focused.
>So it wouldn't really work out very well.

Yes, and this applies even now. Take the following simple case:

     normal: bg color is green
     active: bg color is red

ok, so what color is prelight? if the mouse stays over the widget, the
widget adopts the prelight decoration, thus obscuring its
active/normal status. i'll include my .sig just because venturi's word
seem relevant here ...

I'm glad to hear that this concept is recognized as broken by the GTK+


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hybrid rather than pure; compromising rather than clean;
distorted rather than straightforward; ambiguous rather than
articulated; both-and rather than either-or; the difficult
unity of inclusion rather than the easy unity of exclusion.   Robert Venturi

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