Re: Can not disable an GtkAccelGroup

When I do a page switch I remove and add the appropriate accel group. I have
seen no documentation that lock disables an accelerator group. Actually I
have seen no documentation at all as to what the lock call does. An all too
frequent occurrence.

For a future version GtkNotebook could/should add the ability to switch
accel groups automatically for you. Given that notebooks are used for tabbed
dialogs and MDI apps (with MID accelerators) this seems like an obvious
idea. Right now you add a tab label and page widget. An additional parameter
could be an accel group, which can be null if none is required.

Best Regards,
Norman Black
Stony Brook Software

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Subject: Can not disable an GtkAccelGroup

> Hi all, I'm new in the list.
>  I used a GtkNotebook and I defined a GtkAccelGroup for each sheet and
>  then added to the main window. The problem is that I want to enable
>  only the accel_group coresponding to the current sheet(the one that
>  has focus), so when "switch-page" signal occurs I have to disable all the
>  accel_groups that are not for the current sheet.
>  I tryed with gtk_accel_group_lock to disable it but it's not working.
>  Could somebody help me!!!
>  Thanks.
> Best regards,
> Cosmin Bonea
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