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Thanks for the infor but neither worked. export gave me a message of declare -x GTK_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin and the /etc/profile already had PATH=/usr/local/bin; still got the same error when I ran ./configure that it can not find gtk-config.

Did I miss something?


Kerry <needles industrialmusic com> wrote:
> in bash,export  GTK_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin

to change the path system wide you can add /usr/local/bin to the PATH
variable in /etc/profile.
I don't think it gets read until you reboot or run some command that
I don't know.

Another issue, you'll probably have later is that /usr/local/lib
will not be in your library path. To fix that add
to /etc/
then run ldconfig to reread and process the file.

Other options are when compiling software to always put it where
the rest of youritems are by which I'm assuming is /usr
(that's true for RedHat and some others)
you do that with
./configure --prefix=/usr


> While trying to install GIMP I get this error:
> *** The gtk-config script installed by GTK could not be found
> *** If GTK was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in
> *** your path, or set the GTK_CONFIG environment variable to the
> *** full path to gtk-config. 
> So I try to set the enviroment variable:
> root joev:/home/joev/stuff/gimp-1.2.1 > set GTK_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin
> root joev:/home/joev/stuff/gimp-1.2.1 > set GTK_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/gtk-config
> I then get this when I do root joev:/home/joev/stuff/gimp-1.2.1 > set:
>  _=GTK_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin
>  _=GTK_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/gtk-config
> Then run ./configure and get same error. Am I setting the enviroment variable wrong? How do I fix this?
> Thanks
> Joe
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