Just one active window

Hi list,

  The program that I'm developing has some critical situations that I want it to show a message and the user will be able just to click on buttons in this message window. All other windows in this program can't get focus.

  I'm doing like this:

 GtkWidget *winmsg1;
 winmsg1 = gtk_window_new (GTK_WINDOW_DIALOG);
 ... ... ... set title, set buttons, ... ... ...
 gtk_window_set_modal (GTK_WINDOW (winmsg1), TRUE);
 gtk_widget_show (winmsg1);
  Then winmsg1 is the active window, but if I click in other window, it get the focus.
  How can I make the other windows do not respond and just winmsg1 active with focus?
  I'd also like to stop program execution in the "gtk_widget_show (winmsg1);" line and continue after the user closed the winmsg1 window.
    Thanks in advance,

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