fnmatch(3) capability in GLib?

GLib has been extremely helpful in writing portable applications
(by which I mean, so portable they'll even compile under Windows).
The one functionality that has been frustratingly elusive is that
of the POSIX function fnmatch(3). There are functions that mimic
or approach this capability in various Windows compiler suites,
but I am not aware of any that are supported under all of them.

After seeing that the GtkFileSelector widget could match filenames
to wildcards, I spent some time grepping through the GTK+ sources-
only to find that its filename matching under windows is actually
accomplished by a copy of fnmatch.c from the glibc source!

My question is, if you're going to put that source and capability
in GTK *anyway*, why not make a g_fnmatch utility function to go
in GLib?  Are there any reasons not to do so?

-Aside from that, thanks for a remarkable coding platform.

Free Dmitry:
paul cannon
paul cannon cs usu edu

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