i'm trying to use gtk+ and SDL togheter.
Actually i'using a gtk_drawing_area as a "surface" for SDL.
I succeeded to hack SDL_WINDOWID into widget gdk_window after some dirty
tricks on waiting and discover when widget is "really" realized anf have
a valid Xwindow id assigned.
Now the main problem is that SDL and GTK+ are fighting over the
widget window and i have to play around to figure out how to make sure
GTK doesn't
draw on it letting SDL to do the stuff, expose_event is the key point, i
should intercept the event and deny any further propagation.
Either returning TRUE from event handler and use gtk_signal_stop seems
to do not work.
Havoc or Owen, dou you some hints ? I'm using gtk+ 1.3.7 (latest cvs).
Mario Motta [AI Research Group - Rimini - Italy]

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