CTree vs CList

hi everybody,

I'd like to find a widget with the following features:
-hierarchical (?) view (eg. directories, subdirs and files) .
- ability to left-click, double-click & right-click on a row, to call
differents methods (eg: 'launch', 'expand' or 'show context-menu' ).

I thought Ctree was the right widget for me, because of the hierarchy feature,
but it seems that row can't be left-clicked or double-clicked. There's only the
'select-row' event, which is not enough.
At the opposite, CList captures left-click and double-click events, but there
is no hierarchy feature.

So can someone say which solutions would be the best:
- a customised CList, with added hierarchy feature.
- a customised CTree, with added signals features.
- a hidden magical widget I wouldn't have heard of.



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