Gdk_Region (Gtkmm question)

I asked this question first on the gtkmm list, but have gotten zero responses so far, and it reccomends that, for a faster response, I might want to pose my question on this list. So...

I'm having problems with the Gdk_Region wrapper. I'm trying to use it to make a hexagonal area to clip with, but it doesn't seem that the wrapper does anything it all. It exists, but the only way to create a Gdk_Region is to pass it another I can't really create one of my own at all. The headers say "this needs work", so has it been implemented at all yet? Searching through the archives I found a similar complaint, and an attached implementation (which i havn't been able to get to compile), but is there a standard fix?

If not, I figure I could simply use a rectangular clip and draw in the extra stuff around the hex (i'm making a hexboard for a turn based strategy game) but that would /really/ suck.

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