Re: linux to windows application portage

Armelle Clech wrote:

> Hello,
> I have an application using gtk and running on Linux. If I want to port
> this application on Windows, can I just do it by recompiling source code
> with windows gtk's libraries or do I have to redo some part of the source
> code ?

Look at my source at
Take the file testcluster-1.29.tgz, in this source are changes you need
for compiling under windows. I used the cygwin enviroment and the mingw
packages, so your .exe needs no cygwin enviroment. To compile you have
to use (after your modifications) the Makefile.mingw

The only thing which don't work are the german Umlaute, each widget
which have a umlaut () didn't display any text. The workaround was to
make a de.po file with translations into text w/o umlauts.

hope this helps.

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