Re: Screen updates while long time running subroutine

I'm working on a simulator, and had been trying to run the
simulation from idle callbacks.  Each idle callback will run the
simulation for a while then return.

It just occurred to me to wonder, if things are idle, Should I expect my
idle callback function be executed repeatedly?  Or does each installed
idle callback function only get called once per "idle period"?

Jeroen Benckhuijsen <jfbenck home nl> wrote:
> See:

Which describes using a statement like

	while (g_main_iteration(FALSE));

in the midst of functions that do length calculations.

Am I better off using this method rather than idle callbacks?

What is the difference between that, and:

	while (gtk_events_pending())

which is recommended in Pennington's book _GTK+/Gnome Application Develoment_?


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