Re: trouble with gtk idle function callback

Eric Smith <eric brouhaha com> writes:
> In my Alto simulator, I've now implemented a crude "execution" menu
> with step and go items, etc.  Previously I reported that the idle
> function not being called after it was installed (in an input
> callback) until an event is processed.  Now I've confirmed that the
> same thing happens if I install the idle handler in a menu item
> callback.
> Is there any simple (or preferred) way to post a do-nothing event?

I really think the idle function should be called. This is perhaps
a bug in the main loop, so maybe file a report. 

In the meantime, maybe a timeout function with a very short interval
would either replace the idle, or maybe you can run the timeout one
time (return FALSE from the timeout function) in order to wake up the
loop and get your idle started.


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