change pixmap color table

Hi list,

  I'd like to change the pallete of a pixmap at the runtime of my gtk program.

  I have a simple xpm as follows:
  static char * my_xpm[] = {
  "5 5 3 1",
  "       c None",
  ".      c #000000",
  "+      c #FF0000",
  "  .  ",
  " .+. ",
  " .+. ",
  "  .  "};

 and I'd like to change the "+" color from red(#FF0000) to green(#00FF00) at running time to simulate a kind of "led" that blinks red... green... red... green...

 other alternative would be create red_xpm and green_xpm and change which xpm the pixmap is using, but I don't know how to to this.

 Do you have any hint? manpage? manual? about doing this?

   Thanks in advance,

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