How to determine the index of the option menu item that is currently selected.

Hi all,

I have an option menu that I created in Glade, with three items.

At a particular point in my program, I need to determine the 
currently selected item from that option menu. How do I go about 
doing this? Alternatively, what signal can I add a handler for,
for this option menu, and then how can I determine the index of
the selected item within this signal handler?

One way I thought that I might be able to do this is, in one of my
initialisation routines, to assign some data to each menu item in 
the menu associated with the option menu widget, but I don't know 
how to get a list of the menu items in a menu. If this was done,
then I certainly know how to get the active menu item from the menu
associated with the option menu. If the data value was the index of
the menu item, then I'm all set.

Any pointers to how to solve this would be very much appreciated.


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