Re: Looking for some gtkrc files with useful key bindings

Skip Montanaro <skip pobox com> writes:
> Anyone got a gtkrc file they'd like to share with me that has some
> non-trivial key bindings in it?  All I can find are variations on the
> testgtkrc files that come with the distribution (you know, the "test1",
> "test2" and "clist-test" bindings).  This includes the various themes on my
> Linux box in /usr/share/themes.  Seems everyone starts from one of the
> testgtkrc files, changes a bunch of styles, but doesn't touch the key
> bindings - often not even deleting them.  Go figure.

GTK 1.2 doesn't support bindings much beyond the CList, that's why you
don't see many examples. I'm not aware of any good examples for 1.3.x.


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