Re: Initial timestamps

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Tim Butler <T S Butler herts ac uk> writes:
> > Can anyone give me pointers to some code that uses the function:
> > gdk_input_motion_events() ?
> The normal place to get them would be from timestamps from
> motion events.
> The idea is that you can get fine-grained history between
> motion events.
> I think the only time I ever tried using gdk_input_motion_events()
> after implementing it, it didn't give me anything useful on
> XFree86 but the memory is vague after several years.

I used the code in gtk+-1.2.x/gtk/testinput.c as a guide when I added
this to my app.

In my (limited) experience, it's only useful if you're doing something
very heavy during a drag, or over particularly slow X connections. 

I have a gtk+ front end to a functional programming language doing
rubberband selects and paints :-) so it helped me a lot.


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