fvwm-ewmh-0.3 - Extended WM Hints for FVWM

I am glad to announce the third release of fvwm-ewmh: version 0.3

fvwm-ewmh is made up of a module, FvwmNetHints, and a patch against
the last stable FVWM source tree (fvwm-2.4.0). With these, FVWM can
handle Extended Window Manager Hints from the freedesktop group.
This allows running FVWM with KDE version 2 and get a special
support for applications based on the development version of GTK+
(aka GTK+ version 2).

This package is now pre-beta. I need feedback (or flame) so that
fvwm-ewmh can become beta. Also, I need help with the English of
the documentation (of course help with the code is welcome too).

For more details:

  Home Page (Download, Installation, Running, FAQ):



  Screen Shots:

Regards, Olivier

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