everything's black...

It's been a week or two since I actually ran any Gtk code.  Now, this
following simple Python script displays nothing but black:

    import gtk

    def quit(*args):
	print args
	print args[0].get_name()

    def _test():
	window = gtk.GtkWindow(gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
	window.connect("destroy", gtk.mainquit)

	close = gtk.GtkButton(label="Quit")
	close.connect("clicked", quit)




I get 40 "unable to allocate color" messages like

    button.py (pid:17679): Gtk-WARNING **: unable to allocate color: ( 65535 65535 65535 )

    button.py (pid:17679): Gtk-WARNING **: unable to allocate color: ( 0 0 40000 )

    button.py (pid:17679): Gtk-WARNING **: unable to allocate color: ( 32767 32767 52767 )

My X Server is an XFree86 server with 24-plane TrueColor and DirectColor
visuals.  I'm using the latest CVS versions of glib, gtk and friends.  The
only difference between what I'm running and what's CVS is the addition of
the pygtk/codegen/pygtk-codegen-2.0.in to the gnome-python directory from
the latest pygtk2 snapshot (it's not in CVS) and the addition of a debug
method to gobjectmodule.c that allows me to enable display of signal
emission at run-time.

Any ideas?

Skip Montanaro (skip pobox com)

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