Re: Mouse Signal Handling in Gtk

Jiang XU <jiang xu echostar com> writes:
> I have a Mouse Signal Call Back function window_mouse_down(...) attached
> to a GtkWIndow and another mouse signal call back function
> entry_mouse_down(...) attached to a GtkEntry, which is inside of that
> GtkWindow.
> In the old version of Gtk:
> When I click mouse on the GtkEntry, the window_mouse_down(...) being
> called first, then the entry_mouse_down(...) get called second.
> This is the way I want how it works, so that in the
> window_mouse_down(...), I can decide whether the singal should be passed
> to GtkEntry and entry_mouse_down(...) get called.
> However, after I update the Gtk to the latest version, it does NOT
> work

What are the two versions you're using? I don't think any of the GTK
1.2 series would have called window_mouse_down. Maybe GTK 1.0 did...


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