Re: More GtkList questions...

Raymond Wan <rwan cs mu oz au> writes:

> Hi again everyone,
> 	Well, besides my previously posted question, I'm having another
> problem with GtkLists.  Actually, the problem might lie with the scrolling
> window widget but it seems like there's an upper limit to the number of
> items I can add to a GtkList.  I would like to add something like 80000+
> items, but it doesn't work for even 8000.
> 	At first, there was a problem with running time and I sort of
> solved it by prepending to the list instead of appending.  It was still
> taking a lot longer than my previous solution of using a GtkText.
> 	Not sure how best I can add something like 80000 rows while still
> being able to click on a row and know what row I clicked on...  Does
> anyone have any suggestions??

In GTK+-1.2 there is a limit on window size to ~32768 pixels.
GtkList uses a single big window, and thus can only hold
a limited number of rows.

This is why GtkList is generally not used, and GtkCList is used 


[ Also, note for GtkList, there is a widget created for row, so
  80,000 items would take a _lot_ of memory ]

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