glib, flex and bison

hi there,

currently, my code is kind of ugly because i need to convert back and
forth between standard and glib data types.  i'm using flex/bison to
handle user input (i'm a flex/bison newbie).  basically, yytext is put
into a union depending on the data type:

      int  number;
      char *string;
      char character;
   %token <number>    NUMBER
   %token <character> LETTER
   %token <string>    WORD
      | commands command
      TOK_SAVE WORD TOK_END      { SaveState($2); }

it would be sweet beyond belief if i could somehow get bison/yacc to
pass a GString rather than a char *.  this would save me alot of
"conversion code".

has anyone done this?  it seems like it can't be done, but there are
some pretty crafty people out there.


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