placing children in gdkwindows?

hi, i have a widget that organizes other widgets by placing them in gdk
windows. this works well for the ruler widget i have at the top, but not
at all for boxes, buttons, or entries.

i set the children's parent widget to mine with gtk_widget_set_parent
and the appropriate gdkwindow with gtk_widget_set_parent_window. i then
move the gdkwindows to where i want them.

as i said before, this works well with the ruler, which moves right
along with its parent gdkwindow. however, the other widgets i mentioned
do not follow their window. they act as if the main widget window is
their parent. this makes NO sense to me as i check to see which window
they have set as their parent during the draw event and it is the
correct window. ( i just tried putting hrulers in the same places and
they do work correctly.)

on a similar note, when i was experimenting to see if widgets other than
the box would work, i found that buttons and entries somehow stop the
draw event for my widget! what the heck is that all about? i must be
doing something wrong for this last thing to happen. hrulers do the same
thing, but not the one i normally have at the top.

any ideas?

btw: which list should programming be discussed on? i always thought it
was to be done on gtk-app-devel-list gnome org    but it seems to be
more widely discussed on gtk-list gnome org 



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