Re: Multiple Selection


Thomas Mailund <mailund mailund dk> writes:

> But if this is the documented way to achive multiple file selection, I
> guess it is safe from interface changes in the near future anyway.

well, The GIMP does it this way for 2-3 years now and not even the
switch to GTK+-2.0 broke the code. But essentially you are right, it's
neither clean nor safe. The problem with the GtkFileSelection widget 
is that it not only looks and feels horrible to the user but also to 
the developer since the API sucks badly. 

The fact is that a lot off applications fiddle around in the 
fileselector internals to make it fit their needs. This makes it even 
harder for the GTK+ developers to change it without breaking each and 
every GTK+ program. Of course this wouldn't have happened if everyone
would have used the widget in the clean way you suggested. However its
limited API makes this more or less impossible. Until we get a total
rewrite of the GtkFileSelection, it should be considered "safe" to 
access the file_list unless you dare to actively change the GtkCList

Salut, Sven

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