Re: Setting focus on a row in GtkCList

You have to also set the focus row in addition to setting the selection. The
only way to do this is to assign the data field, as no API exists. This
kinda sucks but that is the way it was designed (or not designed).

Best Regards,
Norman Black
Stony Brook Software

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Subject: Re: Setting focus on a row in GtkCList

> > How dow I set focus to a particular row in a GtkCList
> > ?
> >
> > I can moveto the row OK, but then if the user types an
> > up or down arrow, they are at the start of the list.
> >
> > What is the secret ?
> >
> Did you try gtk_clist_select_row() ? Maybe it will help (I'm using it but
> for a different purpose so I'm not sure if it is working or not)
> Jean-Christophe
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