Re: gcc oriented questions

    David> - can a C++/GTK+ app be as performant as its C/GTK+ counterpart?
    David> If C is faster, is there a program that would translate my C++
    David> sources to C (eg. class -> struct etc.)?

    brain-in-neutral> I wouldn't think that a C++ app that uses Gtk would
    brain-in-neutral> typically be any slower than a C version, though I
    brain-in-neutral> suppose it depends on how much of C++'s various
    brain-in-neutral> features you use.  To at least a first approximation a
    brain-in-neutral> C++ class is the same as a C++ struct anyway.  It's
    brain-in-neutral> just that the default visibility of its members is
    brain-in-neutral> private instead of static.  I wouldn't worry about it.

If only I would proof my posts...  That' visibility statement should be

    It's just that the default visibility of its members is private instead
    of *public*.

Sorry for the miscue.  It's hot here in Chicago...

Skip Montanaro (skip pobox com)

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