Re: GTK rc binding question

Neil Bird wrote:
>   I've tried following the code through, but it's a maze of signals &
> event-queues - I got hopelessly lost!

  Further info.  In the gtkbindings code, if one of the buttons has the
focus, *it* gets the key_press event; the widget path is:

"GtkWindow.GtkVBox.GtkHBox.GtkCheckButton" (e.g.)

  But when the GtkEntry is the current widget, it's *not* the one that
'receives' the event, it's thw window: the path is "GtkWindow".

  So it seems impossible to bind to GtkEntry/Editable as key_press events
when an editable is active only 'go' to the top window!?

  I haven't figured out how they get to the editable yet ... I guess it's
something to do with the widget somehow claiming sole key-input focus for
thw window (hence the window-level binding).

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