Re: GTK rc binding question

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> You don't need to provide the object or user data args. So I think in
> this case there are no args.
> You only have to provide e.g. enum args.

  OK; I've got this kind-of going (in ~/.gtkrc.mine) with the GTK example
'entry' app. :

binding "clipboard-binding"
   bind "F16"
      "debug-msg" ("<Copy>")
      "copy-clipboard" ()
   bind "<ctrl>g"
      "debug-msg" ("<Ctrl-G>")
      "clicked" ()

class "GtkEditable" binding : rc "clipboard-binding"
class "GtkEntry"    binding : rc "clipboard-binding"
class "GtkButton"   binding : rc "clipboard-binding"

  If I <tab> around the fields, <ctrl-g> reports debug & clicks on all of
the three buttons (two toggles & the exit).

  But I get nothing for the GtkEntry.

  Is there something funny about the bindings/editables such that
editables always grab all key events (missing out the bindings somehow)?

  I'd expect bindings to *always* be processed before being passed to the
widget, but I must be wrong.

  Is there an editable-specific way of doing this, then?

  I've tried following the code through, but it's a maze of signals &
event-queues - I got hopelessly lost!

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