Re: Default GC's

Tomas Berndtsson <tomas nocrew org> writes:
> I couldn't find any description of the default GC's available in the
> GtkStyle struct in the documentation. The ones I'm thinking of are:
>   GdkGC *fg_gc[5];
>   GdkGC *bg_gc[5];
>   GdkGC *light_gc[5];
>   GdkGC *dark_gc[5];
>   GdkGC *mid_gc[5];
>   GdkGC *text_gc[5];
>   GdkGC *base_gc[5];
>   GdkGC *black_gc;
>   GdkGC *white_gc;
> The arrayed ones, I understood are these:
> However, it's not easy trying to figure out what it used where. And
> when it the background of fg_gc used, and not the foreground of bg_gc?
> I'm also interested in knowing what GC is used for example with
> checkbox and radio widgets, when the mouse is over it. It sounds like
> GTK_STATE_ACTIVE or GTK_STATE_PRELIGHT, but on which array?
> Is there documentation for this, and I've just missed it? If so,
> please point me to the place.
> lists
their purpose briefly, cut-and-pasted:
 bg[state] = color
    Set color used for the background of most widgets.

 fg[state] = color
    Set color used for the foreground of most widgets.

 base[state] = color
    Set color used for the background of widgets displaying editable
    text. This color is used for the background of, among others,
    GtkText, GtkEntry, GtkList, and GtkClist.

 text[state] = color
    Set color used for foreground of widgets using base for the
    background color.

The foreground of the GC's is always used. dark/light GC's are used to
make bevels/shadows. black/white GC's are used for black and white. ;-)

Scroll down a bit in the RC file docs and it also lists what the
various states are used for.


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