C/C++-applications as objects in gtk?

Hi there,

is it possible to use an existing c/c++ Application as some sort of
object-kind-of-thing in a gtk-application?
The object/c/c++-thing is in this case a tv-viewer and my own application
should add some functionality to it (buttons, etc), but I still wanna watch
tv, of course, so I also need the tv viewer-application itself together
with all other widgets I want to add.

Is there any way to use all existing c/c++-code and make an object of it
without changing everything?

An another question: is there any way to execute a console-application from
within my gtk-app? And are there ways to "simulate" the [enter]-key and the
[Ctrl]-key (this application needs the control-key and the enter key in
some situations, if I can simulate them then I can make some sort of a GUI
for it)

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me,


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