need advice

I wrote a program but have a problem. When I execute it, the main program doesn't appear, then when I pressed 's'( or whatever on the keyboard ) and press enter the file selection box( for open file ) appear with the main program. Then I get an error message that said;

/etc/gtk/gtkrc:1: error: unexpected character 's', expected keyword - e.g. 'style'

This is the process from executing until error message.

$ ./program
/etc/gtk/gtkrc:1: error: unexpected character 's', expected keyword - e.g. 'style'

I wrote a function to open file using gtk_file_selection_new( ) and the function look like this;

GtkWidget *open_file_window;
void open_file()
 open_file_window = gtk_file_selection_new( "Open_File" );

 gtk_signal_connect( GTK_OBJECT( open_file_window ), "destroy",
( GtkSignalFunc ) delete_event, &open_file_window );
 gtk_signal_connect( GTK_OBJECT( GTK_FILE_SELECTION( open_file_window )->
ok_button ), "clicked", ( GtkSignalFunc ) open_file_ok,
                            open_file_window );
 gtk_signal_connect_object( GTK_OBJECT( GTK_FILE_SELECTION
( open_file_window )->cancel_button ), "clicked",
                                   ( GtkSignalFunc ) gtk_widget_destroy,
                                     GTK_OBJECT( open_file_window ) );

 gtk_widget_show( open_file_window );

The program works fine when I delete gtk_widget_show( open_file_window ) or the whole open_file() function. I'm not using glade and I don't know if this problem have something to do with other functions. I hope what I wrote here will enough.

Thanks for helping.


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