testgtk segfaults on Alpha/OSF5.0 system

Have tried searching the archives for this problem, but have found
nothing like it. Building  gtk+ 1.2.8 on a DEC Alpha/OSF 5.0 system with
glib 1.2.8. After what appears to be a successful build, running testgtk
in the gtk/ subdirectory causes a ``Memory fault'' error. Using dbx
leads to a traceback from the GDK library calls to the X11 Xauth calls
to malloc(). Has anyone else run into these problems or found a


     Scott Kajihara

    Scott A. Kajihara
    kajihasa asc hpc mil Scott Kajihara2 wpafb af mil
    (937) 255-0194 785-0194 (DSN) 1-888-677-2272

~rr kajihasa asc hpc mil

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