RE: installing 2.8

sounds good, I will try this.  Where in particular in the glib-config file 
do I change this.  I did find at the bottom of the file
a line "echo -L${exec_prefix}/lib $libsp $libsa" should I change this to 
"echo -L${exec_prefix}/lib -R${exec_prefix} $libsp $libsa".  This is an 
echo line so not sure if it execute much but it is the only line in all of 
my glib-config that has a -L in it.  Thanks.


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Matt Eisemann wrote:
> so should my LD_LIBRARY_PATH be set to the directory that contains the
> files such as libglib.a,, libgmodule.a... and so forth.
> If so, they both seem right.  The environment GLIB_CONFIG is set to
> /home/matt/mppcm/ssep/GTK/glib/glib-1.2.8 which is the directory which
> contains the file glib-config.  Any other ideas?  I did not have this
> variable set so thanks but I still get the exect same message as below.

There should never be a need for LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting (except in some
very special cases). After installing glib, edit glib-config and
add the appropriate -R flag to `glib-config --libs' output. This is
output from my system (just as an example):

prompt> glib-config --libs
-L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib -lglib

GTK configure script should work fine after that.

Then, when compiling GTK, set LD_OPTIONS=-R/usr/local/lib (substitute the
directory where the libraries live, if not /usr/local/lib). Type `make'
and your GTK libraries should be built almost correctly.

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