ANNOUNCE: vdk-1.2.4, vdkbuilder-1.2.4 released

VDK Team is pleased to announce that newly released
VDK 1.2.4 - VDKBuilder 1.2.4 are downloadable at:

What's new in VDK 1.2.4
*	Enhanced VDKString class
*	Minor bug fixes and enhancements

What's new on VDKBuilder 1.2.4
*	Added  french translation to nls support.
*	Enhanced widgets moving/resizing with mouse into VDKFixed container.
* 	Implemented Native Language Support (NLS) to user applications
*	About form revisited and (hopefully) made more pleasant.
*	Minor bug fixes and enhancements
GUI Editor
*	Now vdkbuilder uses modified version of gtkextext as vdkb editor base.
	Modified version stolen from glimmer <>,
	modified gtkextext seems to be faster, more stable and with some extra
*	Added auto indent capability (user customizable with environment
	dialog). Hitting enter key triggers code indenting.
*	Added show/hide line numbers (user customizable),this option 
	operates for all code editors.

As usual see NEWS and Changelog for more detailed informations

NOTE: vdkbuilder 1.2.4 requires vdk 1.2.4 and (optionally) vdkxdb 0.0.4
for xdb support.

The VDK Team

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