Re: radio button label

Dugas, Alan wrote:

It segfaulted when I tried that :-(  Does anyone know if that approach works
(i.e. successfully used it)?  It would help determine if it's my code or
not.  I do the following;

gchar **radio_button_label = (gchar **) NULL;
gtk_label_get(GTK_LABEL(label), radio_button_label);

^^^^^ This is the source of the seg fault.  Try this instead:

gchar *radio_button_label = NULL;
gtk_label_get(GTK_LABEL(label), &radio_button_label);

so I would expect GTK_LABEL() to produce an error if label were not pointing
to a gtklabel.  Does anyone know if GTK_LABEL() would execute before

GTK_LABEL() does execute first.

				-- Stupid Genius

From: 	Jeff Shipman[SMTP:shippy cs nmt edu]
Sent: 	Thursday, October 19, 2000 5:12 PM
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Subject: 	Re: radio button label

Well, GtkRadioButton is derived from GtkBin and I know you can
get the label widget from a button using GTK_BIN(button)->child,
so perhaps you could use the same method to grab the label from
a GtkRadioButton?

Dugas, Alan wrote:

 > How do you get a label from a gtkradiobutton?
 > -- Stupid Genius
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